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CashOS: Business Cash Optimization Software

Vision statement

CashOS is the go-to technology company for Businesses across the world, seeking to achieve more sales and profits.

Mission statement:

Helping businesses across the world to optimize and maximize cash generation from operations.

About Our Company:

CashOS Technologies Pte Ltd. Singapore headquartered with Offshore development center in India. Our Correspondent offices are Located in 12 Countries other than Singapore and India.

We do business in the following countries through Correspondent offices Located locally in each country Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Srilanka, Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, USA, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya

About CashOS Software:

Cash is like Oxygen for a Company. Remove Cash and it is just a matter of time when any Company would collapse. Operational positive cash flows are the best indicator of the health of a company. However, we observed that there are not many technologies around the core area of business ie Cash. There are many for HR, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain etc..

CashOS was born based on our internal business requirement. So we developed our own solution for our business to track every penny across our value chain in real-time using Cloud and Mobile workflows. Our Dukanline business witnessed great success and went on to become the largest eDistributor in India by rotating cash 26 times a month. We built CashOS with over 0.23 million man-hours of coding along with rich experience gained through the business we operated.

CashOS was tried, tested and proven in multiple geographies across the world. CashOS is available in five Languages English, Bengali, Bahasa, Malaya, and Arabic. CashOS is End to End Cloud Mobile Solution that can be used by any employee across without any Training and customizable any language as required.

We saw the solution is designed to address the challenges faced by multiple industries. That’s how CashOS took shape. It is easy to implement and use, highly affordable, and available in simple monthly pricing through Software as Service (SaaS) model.

What does CashOS do for businesses?

CashOS helps businesses to generate more cash for every minute of operations. It works mainly on

1) liberating cash from operations
2) Speed up cashflows and reduce cash required
3) Generate more profits
4) Enhance sales and gain market share





CashOS is a unique, first of its kind technology solution.

Easy to implement.
Easy to use.
Highly relevant.
Highly affordable.
No Entry costs.
No exit costs.

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