Generate more cash from your Distribution Business!!!

At less than the cost of a coffee, have complete visibility and control on visible and invisible Cash. in your Distribution Business from Procurement to Retailer Shelf.

CashOS can enable your Distribution Business to improve profit margins, cash flows and also your sales


So, What Brings You Here Today?

We are looking for End to End Distribution Cashflow Solution


We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose



Track Cash Sitting in Silos from your stockroom to Retailer Shelf

Simple Mobile workflows bring real time data at your figure tips

Monetize Idle cash sitting in silos across your value chain

End to End Mobile Workflows which any employee can operate

Reduced IT infrastructure and manpower due to MobileApps

Reduce Cost of Capital by reducing idle cash across your value chain

Why DistributionOS

    1. Provides end-to-end snapshot of visible and invisible cash in your business.
    2. Real time and live view of data.
    3. Data converted into intelligent information.

Cash Optimization Software Designed Specifically to meet

Distribution needs

All our Products are Mobile based cloud Apps, Easy to start, Easy to use and offer great value for money
Warehouse Optimization Software


Stock Room (warehouse) Optimization Software your warehouse is managed on Mobiles with out any computers. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Multistore Cloud Mobile POS Software


Point of Sale (POS) Across your retailer stores Mobile Cloud Connected . See the Cash and inventory Position in real time. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Van Sales Automation Software


helps you sell products on the go Load the stock and send for sale billing and Audit can go on the go you can see. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Customer Self-Order Software


Allow your B2B and B2C customer to order on Mobile App/ web any time from any where thus decrease the cost of sale. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Phone Order Optimization Software


Allow your B2B and B2C customer to order via phone by converting them from the website/mobile visitor help. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Field Force Optimization Software


Track all your Field Sales Team live and improve productivity of your Sales team Optimize their daily tasks. Learn more >

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Deliveries Optimization Software


Automate your Delivery process by optimizing your fleet and improving delivery process including Loading. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
OmniChannel HelpDesk Software


Help your customers online or Phone when ever they need you help. Learn more >

* No Credit card Required
Workplace Automation Software


Your teams can collaborate in real time chat in any language and many more features. Learn more >

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Cash Optimization Software


Track, forecast and control the cash across your value chain in real time through our Mobile Cloud Solution.Learn more >

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Choose Modules

  • WorkZoneOS
  • VanSalesOS
  • FieldForceOS
  • StockRoomOS
  • DeliveriesOS
  • RetailersOS
  • PhoneOrderOS
  • SelfOrderOS
  • HelpDeskOS
  • CashOS

Choosen Modules

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