Optimize logistics cost leveraging technology and artificial intelligence

At less than the cost of a gallon of petrol, Your logistics operations can be automated and optimized end to end. Simple technology. Easy to use.


Deliveries OS Features

Create optimised pre-defined beat for your deliveries

Upto 30% more load a day per van. Improve efficiency of your vans

Live tracking of delivered and cash collected at any instant

Optimizes route planning, improving fuel efficiency & Less delivery cost

Live tracking of vans ensures security of assets and Improve efficiency

Improve Delivery assets productivity by at least 30% or more


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Delivery Automation solution which could optimize our logistics costs.


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate in optimizing Routes & Logisitcs cost


    Why DeliveriesOS

      1. Load , distance, Volume based optimization.
      2. Reduce travel costs.
      3. Carry more goods or more value.
      4. Reduce cost of doing business with optimized routing options.
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