Eliminate the need for Paperwork

CashOS: Eliminate the need for Paperwork

One of the challenges Businesses face is the documentation and paperwork. Though on the face of it, having a piece of paper looks simple and easy, it creates huge challenges.

Maintain a record of the papers
Retrieving the relevant records when required
Safekeeping the records from dust, termites etc

Though technology has played a key role in addressing this issue, some pockets of the industries still follow the earlier processes. For example in the Distribution industry. It is very common to see the delivery executives taking the invoice papers along with them for delivery. Similarly, the field salespeople write down their orders on order forms, which are later inputted into computer systems. Apart from the paperwork, this also adds to cost of manpower who have to just key in data from the documents. And when the human angle comes in, errors are prone to happen, no matter how carefully the work is carried out.

An alternative to this is to automate all the processes. Imagine all your employees carry their own smartphones, track their work on their phones in the apps designated for them, the data gets consolidated.

A simple example could be said spare parts issue. Say the floor employee raises a requisition on his smartphone, the supervisor gets a notification on his smartphone to approve and once approved, the spares in charge gets a notification to issue. Once issued, he can enter the details of to whom issued etc. The complete cycle is done paperless. There is no hassle of maintaining records. Everything is tracked. A permanent log of which can be stored safely in the cloud.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 29th November 2018

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