What gets measured gets done

CashOS: What gets measured gets done

There is an old saying ‘what gets measured gets done’. Now what does this mean in a business context? Most of the businesses have developed elaborate goal setting processes and every year most of the key executives spend considerable amount of time and energy to develop the goals and plans for the subsequent year.

Once the goals are fixed, it trickles down to the Departments, and the people in the departments and so on. Now imagine for a minute goals are set but no one bothers to measure the progress. What would happen? Very soon the people would lose focus and goals would go for a toss..till the next year comes…

The same applies in other areas of life too..for example if you want to lose weight and say you have set a reasonable goal of losing 2 kilos per month. Setting goal is one thing. Getting into action is another thing. Most of the goals are missed not because of lack of intention but more because of lack of focus on the daily activities.

Many organizations leverage technologies to keep track of the goals. However Technology may not always available to everyone in the organization. For example a Shop floor person or a field sales person or a delivery execitive may not have access to a laptop or computer.

Now is it reasonable to expect the supervisors and managers to continuously followup on these individual goals? It is a very tiresome, friction filled process.

Now imagine each of the employees have a mechanism to measure themselves against their goals on a daily basis? And all the employees performance gets consolidated and shows up in the supervisor’s dashboard? May be he can even display the key achievers statistics on a public notice board.

What would happen in this case? Naturally everyone would be motivated to achieve their goals, while they also keep track on their daily activities, which all rolls up into the Department and organizations goals.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 29th November 2019

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