Are you having Stock Market shivers!!!!

Are you having Stock market shivers!!!

Read this.

Most of the listed companies fret every quarter when they have to release their financials to the public.
Many executives lose sleep over how to manage the market expectations without the stock getting
affected, how to respond to share holders etc.

When the companies are naturally growing, then these are not a problem. Challenge arises when the
economy is not doing so well, competition is tight, everyone fighting to get a bit more or market space.
In most of the cases, this will lead to margin erosion as companies tend to pass on any available margins
to the channel and the market.

Have you ever thought of a situation where whatever the market condition, your company is doing well.
Much better than the competition?

Hows this possible?

Let’s take the example of a student. A normal student. (I am sure many of those who are reading this
blog would have young kids or have passed through the phase). Typically most parents are so busy with
their own lives and careers they have very little time for their kids.
Now lets say the parents want the kid to excel in studies. Now we are not talking about the genius
levels. We are talking about what any normal kid can aspire and achieve. How can that kid excel in
studies? May be at the top or near the top of the class? More importantly understanding the subject he
/ she is studying.
Typically the schools have regular tests to evaluate the students. And these are once in a term or
quarter or say once a month. After which there is the PTM, which many parents eagerly wait to hear
feedback about their kid.
Would such a system be effective in helping the kid achieve the desired results. I am not sure. But let’s
say there is a feedback mechanism on a daily basis? How? May be surprise tests? A quick 3 minute test
at the end of each class? Doesn’t take much time right?

Imagine what this would do for a student. Even the most average student realizes that he / she needs to
stay attentive during the class, so they can score in the test. Now if there is some kind of recognition of
those who have scored well, then this could provide an even stronger incentive to perform better. More
importantly, this provides an opportunity for the kid to keep improving on a daily basis. Because they
see their scores daily.
Is this possible? Very much. Is it difficult? Not at all.

Just a bit of creative thinking.
Now how is this related to your stock share market performance? Imagine we apply the same to your
business as well. You get real time data of each and every part of your business. Your employees see
their own dashboards everyday.
Very soon your company will be beating the stock market by a long distance.
Want to know how you can achieve such results. Reach out to us at info@cashos.com

Founder & CEO
Written on 16 Feb 2019

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