Importance of proper ‘handshakes’

An organization which is more than a proprietor owned and run business will have people or teams involved in running the Organization.

Let’s take two examples:
A small manufacturer: which will have people managing raw material procurement, raw material stocking, Raw material issue, Production planning, Production management, Finished goods warehouse, logistics, and sales. It could be one person looking after different activities also.

A Distributor: Which will receive material from the parent or Brand, manage the stock and handover the stock to the delivery. Ofcourse this is only at a high level and there could be many more such as Admin, Fin, HR etc. We are just considering a simple example to illustrate the importance of handshakes.

Whenever material changes hands from one department or team to another, there is a handshake. A simple act of receiving goods can happen over a series of steps, such as Entering a Material requisition slip, getting it signed by the supervisor and then giving it to the storeroom for an issue. Which all takes time and effort and reduces critical amounts of time from the productive day. The other way is the automate the whole process. Everything happening on Mobile apps, which are talking to each other and not only the data is getting captured instantaneously but can facilitate smooth workflow as well.

The more smoother handshakes your company has, the better. It means enhanced productivity of employees, fewer employee issues, better data capturing and intelligence which overall leads to lower costs and higher returns.

CashOS is precisely designed to enable companies to achieve this. Would you like to learn how CashOS can enable your organization to enhance the ‘handshakes’.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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