How CashOS can help you save precious TIME in your organization

Any organization which effectively and efficiently utilizes its employees time is most probably a market leader in its segment. At the end of the day, no matter the vision and strategy of the top management, it comes into fruition only if executed properly by the people in the front lines. It could be a delivery executive or a sales rep or picker in the stockroom.

Now how do you ensure people on the front lines are in sync with the vision of the organization? There are numerous instances where mid-level managers run into these challenges. Either because the staff n the front line dont see the vision and how it could help us them or due to reasons such as the poor relationship with their manager.

I am sure many of the readers reading this article would have observed in organziation which primarily deal with blue-collar kind of staff how difficult it is to get the work done. In fact, many organizations hire people who are ‘good’ in ‘handling and managing’ blue-collar staff. Repeated follows, verbal duels, arguments are a common thing.

Most often this leads to an unhealthy environment.

How about using Technology to achieve the same? Imagine a Picker in the stockroom using his own smartphone with the company’s app picking the items and then processing. Similarly, a Delivery boy gets a clear direction on his route and all he has to do is follow until his destination. Likewise imagine a sales guy, punching his attendance and orders on the phone.

In all these cases, the technology helps to serve as a self-regulating mechanism. It also has the capability to track the employees so it becomes easier to identify and reward the good performers while taking action against the poor ones. Eventually leading to a system which is ‘self-monitored’ with very minimal supervision.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 30th October 2018

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