Uncover INVISIBLE Cash in your Business

CashOS: Uncover invisible cash in your business

The heading may sound strange…Is there something like invisible cash? If so where is it? What form is it? How do I know if it is there or not? How much of it is there? Etc.

Everyone who runs a Business intrinsically understand there is cash in hand, cash in bank. However a far bigger chunk of precious cash is lying somewhere else also in your business. Some of the major areas where Cash is ‘hidden’ is your raw materials, finished goods, work in progress. That’s not all. Cash is also ‘hidden’ in your company assets. Simple example is a computer. You have spent money to buy it. Are you getting the most out of it? We are not talking about the depreciation costs and setting aside funds for repair or replacement.

It doesn’t end there. There is something even more bigger that could be hurting you. Your employees. Do you agree you pay for every minute they work for your business? Question is are you getting the best out of your employees? We are not talking about making them work 12 hours instead of 8 hours. No no. We are talking about their utilization. This applies for any industry. They more so called ‘knowledge’ industries where people use their brains to the brick and mortar kind of industry where people do more routine, ‘physical’ kind of work.

How do you know who is the best, who is not? How do you identify the best performers and reward them?

Have you realized that these ‘invisible’ cash in your business, if effectively utilized could generate lot more sales, lot more profits for your business?

Now the question is how to achieve this.

Have you tried CashOS yet? If not, just message us. We would be more than happy to show you how you can generate more CASH from your operations. Reach out to us at info@cashos.com.

Founder & CEO
Written on 17th January 2019

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