Why CashOS is not ERP?

One of the definitions we found for ERP goes like this “Enterprise resource
planning (ERP) is a method of efficiently utilizing people, hardware and
software to increase productivity and profit, thus simplifying a company’s
business processes.”.In fact, most of the definitions go along similar lines.
CashOS is different from an ERP in several ways.

1) A focus of CashOS is only on CASH.
Anything that smells or sounds like CASH, CASHOS can help. Some of the key
areas that come to mind are Raw materials, Finished goods, Collections,
Material under process. Another important feature of CashOS is that it tracks
TIME.There is an old saying Time is Money. I think Time is more than Money.
Because Money can be earned, but Time once gone, cannot be earned back.
No matter what. CashOS’s focus is on these two key elements of any
Business: Cash and Time

2) Data entry is done by people who do the work
Typically in most of the organizations, Computer access is only for a few ‘selected’ individuals. They may be supervisors or people with ‘higher’ educational qualifications.
Whereas in CashOS, every person who does an activity enters his / her activities directly into their smartphones.
3) Data is captured on Real-time
In CashOS data is captured as the work happens. Which means it is real time. Which could play a significant role in the decision-making process, unlike a delayed data capture system?

4) You don’t need computers to run your IT systems
Typically when we say IT, it means desktops or laptops. Whereas in CashOS you don’t need these at all. Except maybe for one or two.
There are several other differences, but in short, CashOS is a totally new way to look at running a business through Mobile Cloud Workflows. It may look like a ‘mobile ERP’ for a first-timer, but when you look deeper, you start appreciating what CashOS can help you achieve!!!
Would you like to learn more about CashOS?
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Founder & CEO
Written on 31st October 2018

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