Empower your workforce and increase profits

What does empowering means? In simple terms giving freedom to act while holding the employees accountable for their actions.

Now let’s take two extreme scenarios of two companies:
One, where employees have to report sharp at 9am. They get their daily assignment or they get onto their assigned tasks. Every move of them is monitored, every break measured, and they punch out at 6pm. The rotuine continues day in day out.

Two, where employees have apps installed on their mobile phones. They need to punch in the attendance themselves, enter their productivity themselves. And when they exit from the premises, they punch out on their mobile phones.

If you had to choose, which one would you prefer? I would go for the second option. Through out history we observe that human beings try to rebel and resist in a repressive environment. It could be countries, or companies. There are so many stories we have read as part of our studies where people at some point in time started resisitng the ‘oppressors’ and a rebellion took place.

Now the other scenario is more self regulating mechanism. Imagine all your employees are using their own devices and tracking their own movements and you have all the intelligence at your finger tips. Backed with some incentive programs, it could serve you to drive the employees to achieve higher levels of producvitiy and this better margins, better cashflows than you could have ever imagined.

CashOS is designed to help companies to achieve higher productivity with better margins. Would you like to learn more about how CashOS can help your company?

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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