Focus on the right things

I am sure many would have heard ‘whatever you focus on improves’. What

does this mean? Let’s take the example of Health.

You, the person who is reading this article, where do you see your health on a scale of 0 to 10. Are you happy with the answer that comes to your mind?

If you are not happy, it could be only because you are not doing anything about it. Which means you are not dedicating an adequate amount of time and putting in the effort required to get into good shape.

Why does this happen? Is it because people are not aware? Or people don’t want to? Mot really. You ask anyone they want to have great health..well almost everyone. You will always find those outliers who really don’t care about such things!!!

Its just that Health may not be a priority for you or there are other things which you think are of higher priority. I have heard people saying things like they are so busy they can’t find time to exercise. That’s an extreme, isn’t it? How can anyone be so busy with things such as Health?

Another reason is what books such a The Slight Edge and Compound Effect touch upon. Whether you exercise today or not, it will not give you significantly different results. So people lose focus on long-term because of short-term results or lack of it.

The most effective way to get to the issue is to identify your priorities and focus on them. Let go of all other trivial or nonpriority issues or keep them for a low priority time.

Which means if Health is important for you, make it a priority, which means allocate time on a daily basis. If you are not giving time, what you are implicitly saying is Health is not a priority for you.

Now how does this apply to Business?

Very simple, whatever you focus on improves. Because by natural extension you are bound to take action.

There are so many systems and solutions today that address various challenges of an organization. Interestingly I haven’t seen any of them addressing the core issue of Cash. This is where CashOS comes into the picture.

CashOS is probably the only solution in the world whose primary purpose is to focus on Cash and cash alone. Which means CashOS can help your company to become more Healthier!!!

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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