How CashOS improve cashflows?

Cash is like oxygen for any business. Remove Cash and any business will die, its just a matter of time. Now the challenge most of the executives are facing is, how do we improve the Cashflows of their company.

A recent report by Ernst & Young who did research on the leading 500 companies in India came out with a startling finding. These companies had over $60Bn excess working capital. This turns out to over 9% of their total combined sales. the report concludes that companies should explore traditional and innovative working capital funding techniques with the aim to improve the overall cash flow position.

Cashflow is a huge challenge in the current economic condition. Factors such as tightening regulatory norms, increasing the cost of capital, increasing competition is ensuring CFO’s have sleepless nights most of the time.

How can a company improve their Cashflow situation? Probably most of the companies need to look inside for the answers. As the above research suggests, many companies have piles of cash stuck across various stages of their value chain in different forms. Combined this with the inefficient, unproductive systems, creates barriers for liberating cash to be utilized in the business.

CashOS offers an innovative Mobile based technology which enables you to not only liberate your cash lying across your value chain but also speed up the cashflows.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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