How to bring down cost of doing business?

If you are in Business, you know there is a cost of running your business. Whether you like it or not.

It could be a sole proprietor with a shop or an entrepreneur setting up a global business. The cost as a % may come down due to the scale of economies as the organization grows.

Also, the cost is varying nature. Some are fixed costs. Such as setting up a production facility, or buying computer equipment etc. Some are variable, such as the consumables, raw material etc. Even salaries come under fixed costs. Which means having more people doing the same work leads to higher cost.

Now there is an optimum level under which any system or human being perform. There are a number of ways how we can get the machines to work at an optimum level for an extended period of time. The big question, almost everyone faces is how to get the optimum productivity from human assets.

One of the secrets could be in developing and maintaining the trust factor among the people in an organization. Outside an organization, it’s literally impossible to control for anyone. However, there are quite a few things that can be down within an organization.

Stephen Covey in his book ‘Speed of trust’ illustrates how trust in a system can help speed up things and also reduce the cost dramatically. This could be the secret for organizations as well. Now how to develop and maintain trust in an organization? An organization has people who think, people who do and people who think and do.

This article focuses only on the people who think and do and people who do. What if there were something which would help the people to track what they do continuously? Wouldn’t this work as a self-regulating mechanism? Wouldn’t the employees make the best use of their time at work?

This is exactly what CashOS does. Help your organization to bring in systems which help in developing a self-regulating mechanism, thereby directly improving the productivity and reducing the cost of doing business.

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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