CashOS: Just in Time?

CashOS: Just in Time?

Just in time or JIT became one of the famous concepts in manufacturing a few decades ago. It is still practiced and is relevant. Basically what it means is that any item that is to be processed arrives ‘Just in time’ meaning not too early nor too late.

Too early means unnecessary inventory holding costs, which means locked up working capital. Too late means idle machine time, disruption in the production line.

Now this becomes even more prominent when the volumes and financial implications are huge. There are technologies which have been developed and designed to achieve the same. For example, whenever the inventory level goes below a certain number, and automated message goes to the supplier who ships the next batch.

Most of these technologies cost a lot and many SME’s may not have the luxury to invest so much into such technologies. However what if the same can be achieved effectively at less than the cost of a cup of coffee?

Try CashOS.

If you would like to learn how CashOS can help you, reach out to us at info@CashOS.com

Founder & CEO
Written on 29th November 2018

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