CashOS NextGen Mobile Workflow Solution

CashOS NextGen Mobile Workflow Solution

Cash is like Oxygen for a Company. Remove Cash and it is just a matter of time when any Company would collapse. Real positive cash flows are the best indicator of the health of a company. However, we observed that there are not much software around the core to business ie Cash. There are many for HR, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain etc..;

CashOS is born based on our internal need. So we developed our own solution for our business to track every penny across our value chain in real-time using Cloud and Mobile workflows. Our Dukanline business witnessed great success and went on to become the largest eDistributor in India by rotating our cash 26 times a month. We built CashOS with 2.5+ million man-hours coding along with rich experience gained through the business we did. We thought to help others with our technology with simple monthly pricing through Software as Service (SaaS) model.

CashOS enables businesses to liberate cash and generate more profits from their existing operations

Cash is the lifeblood of any organization. With the stricter Banking policies and regulatory norms, it is becoming imperative for Businesses to manage their Cashflows smartly. There have been numerous instances in the past of how well known, reputed companies have had to declare bankruptcy due to the
cashflow challenges.

CashOS is a unique, first of its kind technology solution which enables companies to not only focus on Cashflows but also help liberate cash from their operations. In addition, CashOS also helps Businesses to improve their profitability which eventually leads to achieving a competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive environment.

Founder & CEO
Written on 14th November 2018

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