What are the benefits of having clear visibility of your entire value chain?

We have seen several instances in the past where Executives who probably had good intentions often get blindsided by events happening somewhere in their organization. As an organization grows bigger and bigger, it becomes more complex with a lot of moving parts. Another challenge that comes up with larger organizations is the ‘silo’ thinking. Even senior executives start thinking quite narrowly to safeguard their own interests and further their departments, sometimes at the expense of other departments.

This is where having a complete visibility of the value chain can help someone with decision making authority.

A CEO need not go into the details of what’s happening in a department. If he has the key metrics of how each department is functioning and that too on a real-time basis, it helps her to not just keep track but also ask the right questions. This will help to ensure a healthy environment of responsibility and authority can co-exist. Moreover, such an environment will also lead to a high performing organization with little scope for individuals to ‘play’ with the system.

Question is how can CEO’s achieve this. One option is to go with the high investment, high tech model. The other is to look at solutions such as CashOS. Light footprint, Light tech, minimum cost and easy and quickly implementable.

Would you like to know how CashOS can help your organization to get a more clear view of your value chain?

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Founder & CEO
Written on 16th October 2018

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