Are people Assets or Liabilities?

Are people Assets or Liabilities?

Recently I was discussing with a fellow entrepreneur and this topic came up. How do we consider our employees as? Are they assets or liabilities?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that people are assets. In fact, they are the strongest assets of any company. A company can be built or destroyed by its people. There have been numerous examples both ways. We have seen multibillion-dollar companies being written off due to stupid decisions are taken by the executives. By the way, these decisions were not considered stupid in hindsight. Even at the time of the event itself, these acts were not in line with the ethics. A good example would be Enron.

Similarly, there are so many companies built by its people which have started from nowhere and today are global giants.

Now let’s look at the more operational stuff. Where people don’t take such path-breaking decisions. Who are involved in the mundane day to day work? The support staff, the people on the shop floor, the delivery executives, sales people etc.

A company cannot be run by its CEO’s. The nuts and bolts of the business which actually make a company run are people at the ground level. The people who execute the decisions taken by the top management. The decision is as good as the way it is executed. Which means everyone is equally important. Which also means that every individual is an asset for a business.

Now how do you measure, incentivize, reward or take care of these people who ‘execute’ the work?

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Founder & CEO
Written on 22nd November 2018

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